Dedicated Estate Planning & Elder Law

Safeguard your future and that of your family when you choose Morocco, Morocco & Specht, P.C. You can be confident that we will take every step to protect your rights and you can rely on both our experience and expertise.

Estate Planning
Typically, estate planning begins right after a marriage, and it continues even as people start to see their great grandchildren grow to adulthood. Regardless of the time, however, it's never too early to start planning. You can even start planning when you turn 18, and you should. Doing so will provide property protection, powers of attorney, and living will wishes. Let us help ensure these requests are met.

Elder Law
Perfect for clients 65 and older, elder law assists individuals in gaining Medicare, Medicaid, and nursing home advice. Our services also include powers of attorney, living wills, last will and testaments, and medical powers of attorney and medical directives with our elder packages, as well.